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At Comtronic® we develop fully integrated collection technology that delivers all your debt management, phone system, and client reporting needs in one secure platform. Easily accessible from the cloud, your office is limitless in size and number of locations…and the friendly Comtronic staff provides all service and support.

Debtmaster® empowers collectors with the best in workflow management, debtor information, payment utilities, reporting tools, documentation, and compliance resources, all available with just a few clicks. Best of all, with the Debtmaster cloud offering, users can access the information anytime, anywhere, with fully integrated applications.

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An established leader in collection technology solutions with commitment to quality

For 35 years Comtronic Systems has worked within the Collection Industry to provide superior technology solutions. We continually incorporate customer feedback to create the best Collection Technology on the market. Our Debtmaster collection software is an affordable, reliable solution which equips businesses of every size to compete in the Collection Industry. With emphasis on flexibility and scalability, this is the only collection system your firm will ever need.

With over 1,450 installations, Debtmaster® sets the standard by which all other PC-based collection software are measured. We have the solutions you need to make a better success of your collections operation.

CallThru® is the latest innovation from Comtronic Systems. It is the first SIP-based phone system within the collections industry that handles Voice Messaging, IVR, Power Dialing, Call Recording, and fully PBX functionality, all within one product that is completely integrated with Debtmaster.

With the power of Debtmaster and CallThru, your collection firm can support one or more office locations with hundreds of users and millions of accounts, more efficiently than with any other system.

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"Debtmaster has served us well for 26 years. And 2 years ago, we made the move to Debtmaster's Cloud platform. It was so fast and easy to implement and its performance has been rock solid in the Cloud."

D. Thonn

Debtmaster customer

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