Collection Advisor honored Comtronic Systems with the Top 20 Companies of the Decade Award in 2012. “Collection Advisor has been reviewing debt collection software for 11 years. In that time we have seen many companies and dozens of products come and go. In an industry that focuses on getting the most out of every dollar, the line between a profitable forward-thinking company and a forgotten one is very fine indeed. Collection Advisor has identified 20 collection software vendors that know where that line is and have remained vibrant while producing products that improve the way collection professionals conduct their business, as well as being visible, supporting members of our industry.” Rose, T. Steel. “Critical Issues and The Future According to Top Company Leaders.” Collection Advisor July/August 2012: 18-24.

Top 20 Companies of the Decade Award


For a number of consecutive years, Comtronic Systems has been awarded the Collection Advisor's Top Collection Products Award. "All of the companies honored are... market leaders... companies who present true innovation and insight within the industry," says Editor/Publisher T. Allen Rose. "On behalf of the magazine, we are very pleased to bestow this honor..."

Comtronic Systems is honored to continue to be recognized by one of the collection industry's premier publications. "With new innovations and developments for both our Debtmaster® and CallThru® products, we plan on continuing to provide our customers with the most cutting edge tools available in our industry."

Jeff Dantzler
Comtronic President and CEO

Collection Advisor Top Collection Products of 2016


Comtronic Systems was honored to receive the 2007 Collection Technology Excellence Award. Presented by Collection Technology Magazine, the award recognizes CallThru® as the industry's very first IP telephony system designed exclusively for the collections industry. "The technology Excellence Award recognizes those individuals and companies within the industry who have done much to further collection technology and its associated community."
Collection Technology Magazine

Earning the Excellence Award for CallThru® couldn't come at a better time. With the industry facing more challenges than ever before, Comtronic is proud to offer CallThru® as an alternative solution to often problematic 3rd party call center services and predictive dialers.

Collection Technology Excellence Award