• Power dialing, instantaneous screen pops, and blended calling maximize productivity and increase collector talk-time by up to 200%.
  • Digital voice broadcasting lets you "touch" all debtors regularly without the need for a third-party service. Integrated cell phone management controls help better ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Text-to-speech synthesizer delivers natural-sounding, life-like messages in the debtor's native language.
  • Right-party verification promotes legal compliance and correct routing of inbound calls.
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) automates collection tasks and keeps you available 24/7.
  • Total digital environment simplifies call storage and FDCPA and other legal compliance.

"We have been utilizing the Debtmaster collection platform for nearly 15 years, and the addition of CallThru makes the relationship between software, phones, call recording and document storage a complete package. The single point of support is invaluable."

M. Lammers

"CallThru Voice Broadcasting works seamlessly with our Debtmaster Collection Software. No need to export/ import data files for campaigns because the system feeds from our database in real-time. We get fast Debtor connections and save on the ‘data management’ expense."

O. Garrett

"With more accounts than ever, CallThru keeps us ahead of even our largest competitors"

M. St. John

"We use CallThru IVR to route inbound calls to wherever they need to go. Debtors can quickly reach a live person or make an automated payment without the need to speak with an agent. CallThru IVR gives us the ability to provide options for whatever the circumstance and comfort level the debtor might require."

R. Naylor

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