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Telephone Management System Software For Collectors

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Express Consent Tracking

CallThru 360 delivers the dialing compliance tools needed for improved agent performance. Protect your business with full consent tracking and account call history.

Maximum Call Handling

Intelligent Call Routing and Right-Party Verification tools distribute calls to agents based on predefined attributes for smooth efficient day-to-day operations.

Easy Payments Anytime

Sophisticated Interactive Voice Response technology & Digital Voice Messaging allow for 24/7 voice messaging & payment collection.

How Comtronic Systems Started


Collect with confidence using intelligent communication & collection technology

Comprehensive information within CallThru® 360 delivers instant inbound screen pops containing complete, current debtor information so agents are prepared to connect and collect. Call Recording is a must have and with our virtual office dashboard, agent phone statuses are readily available. When coupled with sophisticated Interactive Voice Recognition technology, CallThru 360 helps you provide superior customer experience with 24×7 voice messaging and agentless payment collection.

The Voice Campaign Manager is available in your choice of a Human Initiated module, or System Initiated module, for accelerated dialing with unquestionable compliance, while maximizing your database contacts. Outbound dialing campaigns are created and backed by a full consent tracking history for each account for the greatest level of compliance and efficiency.


Industry leading technology

Callthru 360 delivers value by greatly enhancing overall efficiency. The CallThru SIP phone system boosts agent efficiency, reduces operating costs, and strengthens your compliance strategy.

  • Call Recording
  • Skill-Based Call Routing
  • Express Consent Tracking

Maximize agent efficiency with CallThru 360. Intelligent call routing distributes inbound calls to quickly match debtors with the right live agents based on account assignments, languages, needs, skill requirements, and other pre-defined attributes. When caller ID is available on incoming calls a screen pop equips agents with complete real-time debtor information from the Debtmaster database.


CallThru 360 allows you to prioritize inbound and outbound phone traffic for smooth, efficient operations. Agent Queues and Right-Party Verification ensure that debtors are matched with the right agent every time. CallThru also uses time zone sensitivity to prevent agents from dialing phone numbers outside of regulated FDCPA calling hours. Thanks to our all-in-one design, CallThru 360 has real-time access to the most current phone numbers and locations available directly from your Debtmaster database.

Comtronic Systems LLC Started In 1980

CallThru Software Features

Text-To Speech Engine

Advanced life-like text to speech technology capability gives you the resources to create unlimited IVR interactions. With a real-time connection to the DebtMaster database, information is brought to life quickly and is always up to date.

IVR Payments

Receive payments after hours or behind the scenes with the CallThru IVR payment feature. Using their keypad, Debtors can make payments on their own without tying up valuable Agent phone time.

Call Recording

Call recording is vital for protecting your business and improving agent performance. For easier compliance monitoring with FDCPA, TCPA, and other federal/state guidelines, the CallThru call recording features gives you peace of mind that your business is practicing the policies you’ve put in place.

Inbound Call Lookup & Routing

A customizable dial plan determines call routing. Inbound call traffic with an available Caller ID is instantaneously cross matched within the DebtMaster database for proper call handling.

Account Screen Pop

With available Caller ID, accounts are routed and screen-popped on the correct Agent’s screen for added efficiency and verification.

Outbound Dialing

Calling numbers from DebtMaster with human initiated, click-to-dial functionality saves time and alleviates mistakes in misdialed numbers.

Advanced Reporting

CallThru reports monitor all phone traffic in and out of your system for complete call tracking and history.

Agent Monitoring & Coaching

Advanced features like Coaching and Listen are available for training and compliance monitoring.

Phone System Integration

CallThru is your complete phone system that integrates seamlessly with DebtMaster for an all-in-one technology package.

Remote Agent Capable

The Cloud-Based CallThru 360 SoftPhone gives agents the flexibility to work from anywhere.

Built-In Compliance Controls

Phone details show complete history and consent tracking for each phone number listed on a Debtors account.


Complete with agent availability & queue statistics, the Switchboard gives your organization a complete snapshot of real time phone traffic and agent availability.

Why Choose Comtronic Systems?

For 35 years Comtronic Systems has worked within the Collection Industry to provide superior technology solutions. We continually incorporate customer feedback to create the best Collection Technology on the market.

35+ Years Experience
1450+ Installations
250% Avg. Call Volume Increase

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5 of 5 stars rating

Debtmaster has served us well for 26 years. And 2 years ago, we made the move to Debtmaster's Cloud platform. It was so fast and easy to implement and its performance has been rock solid in the Cloud.

D. Tonn - Debtmaster customer
5 of 5 stars rating

After evaluating over 20 collection software titles, I found Debtmaster to be an easy decision. Simple to begin with, functional to administer and powerful to grow with. Debtmaster has fulfilled their promise to deliver the best collection software package available today and I am proud to be a client.

S. Holmquist - Debtmaster Customer
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With more accounts than ever, CallThru keeps us ahead of even our largest competitors.

M. St. John - Debtmaster Customer
5 of 5 stars rating

The key to getting and keeping good clients is being able to effectively and efficiently keep them informed about the status of their claims. ClientAccess gives our clients the ability to check the status of their accounts at their convenience and frees up our staff's time to do what the client really wants us to do and that is collect what is owed them.

S. Gardner - Debtmaster Customer
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