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Debt Collection Software: Debtmaster 360

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Enhance Efficiency

Debtmaster debt collection software delivers value by greatly enhancing overall efficiency. Sophisticated workflow speeds up collection by letting you set rules and handling instructions for each type of debtor in your inventory.

Security & Compliance

Data encryption & agent monitoring tools promote security & productivity from any location. Debtmaster with CallThru maskes it easy to store recorded calls for compliance monitoring with FDCPA & State guidelines.

Select and Collect

Debtmaster360 is now available in your choice of deployment models; Cloud, Hybrid, or Premise. It’s never been easier to get the industry’s most trusted system in a deployment model that fits your unique business.

Comtronic Systems Debt Management System

Debt Collection Software To Collect With Confidence

Debtmaster® 360 is cloud-based collection software that offers everything you need to run your collections department and collect debt efficiently. Quick setup and seamless operation with secure features allows your agency to be the best of the best, while significantly reducing capital expenses and exponentially increasing reliability and redundancy. This leaves you to focus on the core business of Debt Collection.

With advanced communication modules, take advantage of text and email messaging to communicate to debtors that consent to using these fast and efficient means. Reach your Debtors electronically with these increasingly preferred methods using advanced tools backed by consent controls and innovative 3rd party outsourcers, such as Solutions by Text.


Debt Collection Management System

Smart business owners rely on Debtmaster® debt collection software because of its proven track record to increase productivity for debt collection agencies. Call Comtronic today to schedule your Debtmaster debt collection software demonstration and see for yourself why Debtmaster is still an industry leader after 30 years.

  • Security & Compliance
  • Best In Class Cloud Platform
  • Compliant Text Messaging

Debtmaster 360 gives you control over agent productivity and workflow. Customize collector screen layouts to match each type of debt you service so agents always see the most relevant data first. Agents can easily initiate electronic payment processing on an account and schedule or print letters on the fly.

With the tools to control and maximize agent workflow, Debtmaster provides improved efficiency for your debt collection business. Managers can view the Virtual Office Dashboard to see real-time agent, team, and agency performance. Track growth, motivate employees, and attract clients with meaningful information and up-to-date figures.

Comtronic Systems Debt Management Collections

Debtmaster Software Features

35-Years Industry Experience

Debtmaster is a reputable name in the industry with decades of experience.

QuickBooks Integration

Connecting your Debtmaster system to your QuickBooks software allows for peace of mind in knowing that your deposits, invoices, and trust checks are in sync, without having to rekey entries.

Security & Compliance

Debtmaster allows you to implement and automate best practices with built-in tools to strengthen security and compliance to ensure best practices and policies are met.

Cloud Based

Partnered with Microsoft Azure or your own Private Cloud to provide maximized operational efficiency and growth for your business.

First Class Technical Support

With an average of 12.2 years of Debtmaster experience, you can be confident that our technical support staff has the knowledge to help you get the most our of your investment.

Flexible Scalability

Debtmaster Software as a Service allows for complete flexibility and control of your office.

Increased Reliability & Redundancy

With a Microsoft Azure and Debtmaster partnership, your system will reap the benefits of 99.98% uptime while securely accessing your system anytime, anywhere.

Payment Processing

Debtmaster has multiple vendor partners providing the Collections industry with best in class payment integration and tools.

Document Management

Link and Store scanned Debtor documents onto your network and show Debtmaster the way. With the Document Management feature in Debtmaster, you can quickly view documents associated with your accounts with just one click.

Quick Entry Data

Debtmaster's three special quick-entry windows allow easier data entry for specific account types, such as Check, Medical, Credit Card, or Commercial.

Credit Bureau Reporting & Inquiry

Reporting accounts to the credit bureau could not be easier. Debtmaster is capable of reporting in the Metro2 reporting format to any or all of the 4 reporting bureaus. No matter how many accounts you need to report, Debtmaster will more than meet your needs.

Debtmaster also provides several different ways to request credit bureau reports through your credit bureau inquiry vendor. You can make your request immediately or you can save your request as part of a batch and submit multiple inquiries at once.

Electronic Account Importing & Updating with Dataflex

How fast can you type? Could you or anyone you know key in an account under 2 seconds? That is the approximate time it takes to import an account into Debtmaster.

We give you the ability to import and update records at your discretion. Whatever you need to do, ring in new accounts, import multiple debts, add debts to existing debtors, update existing phone or address records; with Dataflex, nothing seems impossible.

Payment Scheduler

Need to automatically arrange a promised payment plan? With the Promised Payment scheduler, you can schedule new promised payment arrangements, add to existing promised payment arrangements, or schedule an actual plan to pay off the balance owing.

Letter & Email Outsourcing

Debtmaster interfaces with all the industry leading outsource providers such as RevSpring, CompuMail, and Focus1. Each vendor also provides NCOA Updates (National Change of Address), which can lower the cost of returned mail.

When letters are outsourced to a letter outsource agency, the address being sent to them may be compared to the National Change of Address Database. If you provide an address that is invalid they will not send the letter, but if they have a more current address than the one you provided, they will instead send it to the most current address they have on file, and they will send this information back to you.

Reporting Tools

Sometimes clients are harder to please, so Debtmaster interfaces with popular third-party report writers such as Crystal Reports, or Report Smith, to complement our more than 60 standard reports.

With this flexibility, the possibilities are endless. Need to have reports in an electronic format or for emailing purposes? Debtmaster is capable of printing its reports in PDF, Text, or CSV (comma delimited) formats, or emailing directly to your Client.

HIPAA Compliance Tools

Debtmaster Professional is fully HIPAA compliant, and with the various tools and utilities contained in our product, you can rest assured this critical information is only accessible by the correct personnel.

Daily Workflow Management

Want to build specific worklist for your collectors? With the Managed Worklist tool, you can do just that. Assign accounts based on select criteria to ensure that they are being worked.

You can even force collectors to only work the managed worklist accounts. Combine this with the CallThru Paced Dialing feature and watch the productivity increase up to 300%!

Action Codes & Action Items

Time is money and in today’s business world, minutes are critical. Action Codes are a time saving feature utilizing one-click for things such as logging notes, reassigning accounts to worklists or queues, requesting credit reports, or scheduling letters or text messages.

Action Items work in tandem with Action Codes to apply a single code to many accounts utilizing advanced SQL. Action Items can be run on the fly or scheduled for automation.

Integrated Text Messaging

Text Messaging is one of the most popular and efficient ways of communication. Debtmaster uses consent backed controls for utilizing this modern form of interacting with Debtors while enhancing agent efficiencies.

Integrated E-mail

Email Messaging is also one of the most poplar and efficient means of getting in touch today. Debtmaster’s advanced communication modules all you to take advantage of modern forms of reaching your Debtors with consent backed controls.

Integrated Hosted Consumer Payment Portal

The Hosted Payment Portal retrieves payments made in the payment vendor’s Debtor Payment portal. This creates an efficient payment import bridge into Debtmaster, eliminating excess file exports & imports.

Quick Setup/Training

Debtmaster can be deployed in as little as 36 hours to get you on your way to collecting debt.

Integrated Phone System

Debtmaster fully integrates with the CallThru®360 phone system. Using their sophisticated technologies, Debtmaster and CallThru are the tools you need for optimized workflow and maximized Collector performance.

Integrated Client Portal

The ClientAccess web portal provides on-demand Client Reporting that’s available 24x7. Seamlessly integrated with Debtmaster, ClientAccess offers numerous configurable reports that your clients can view any time, any where.

Client Prospecting

Track your Clients and prospective Clients, much like your Debtors, with available Sales related features. Create contact schedules and worklists for your in-house sales reps to work from. Analyze client data and collection performance, as well as commissions, and recovery figures.

Pre-Collect Support

From beginning to end, Debtmaster handles all of your account’s placements from pre-collect status to paid in full.

In-House Letter Printing

Print and mail letters directly from your business to Debtors and Clients using the Debtmaster letter tools. Create and customize Client, Debt, and Debtor letters using Microsoft Word that you can print instantly or schedule based on pre-defined contact plans.

Why Choose Debtmaster?

For 35 years Comtronic Systems has worked within the Collection Industry to provide superior technology solutions. We continually incorporate customer feedback to create the best Collection Technology on the market.

12.2+ Years Average Experience
3 Months Since Last Upgrade
36 Hours To Get Started

Our Vendor Partners

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5 of 5 stars rating

Debtmaster has served us well for 26 years. And 2 years ago, we made the move to Debtmaster's Cloud platform. It was so fast and easy to implement and its performance has been rock solid in the Cloud.

D. Tonn - Debtmaster customer
5 of 5 stars rating

After evaluating over 20 collection software titles, I found Debtmaster to be an easy decision. Simple to begin with, functional to administer and powerful to grow with. Debtmaster has fulfilled their promise to deliver the best collection software package available today and I am proud to be a client.

S. Holmquist - Debtmaster Customer
5 of 5 stars rating

With more accounts than ever, CallThru keeps us ahead of even our largest competitors.

M. St. John - Debtmaster Customer
5 of 5 stars rating

The key to getting and keeping good clients is being able to effectively and efficiently keep them informed about the status of their claims. ClientAccess gives our clients the ability to check the status of their accounts at their convenience and frees up our staff's time to do what the client really wants us to do and that is collect what is owed them.

S. Gardner - Debtmaster Customer
5 of 5 stars rating

Being a small business CallThru allowed us to compete with larger companies. The installation was seamless and the training was in depth, informative, and extremely helpful. CallThru enables our staff to work more accounts, recovering more revenue.”

Maureen S. - Comtronic Customer of 22+ Years
5 of 5 stars rating

I like Debtmaster support services. Very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable on 360. Extremely happy that our company was able to upgrade our data to a current version of Debtmaster with no complications after 20 years – wow!

John P. - Debtmaster User for 20+ Years

Debt Collection Software FAQ

Explore Everything Debtmaster Debt Collection Software Has To Offer

With Debtmaster 360 debt collection software, you have control over agent productivity and workflow. Customize collector screen layouts to match each type of debt you service so agents always see the most relevant data first. Agents can easily initiate electronic payment processing on an account, and before you can say “screen pop” they are ready to take the next call.

Debtmaster 360 debt collection software has advanced communication modules that allow for powerful communications to debtors that have given express consent. With a read rate of 98% in 3 minutes or less, texting has emerged as the preferred method of contact for account alerts, communications, and payments. Debtmaster is seamlessly integrated with the collections industry’s leader in text messaging, Solutions by Text (SBT). SBT has developed proprietary software designed to adhere to industry regulations regarding SMS texting. SBT’s primary focus is to serve as an extension of your collections team to deliver the ideal text message at the ideal time with complete Debtmaster control.

Use Debtmaster to track client profitability and maximize each debt portfolio. With a few easy mouse clicks account managers can navigate the Debtmaster Client Window to review client demographics, recovery figures, and activity notes. Adjust and prioritize work queues to keep agents on target. Your sales team can work through a list of potential clients using contact schedules, and use built-in reporting tools to manage billing and payments. Privacy and security controls for sensitive data help your staff maintain HIPAA compliance.

At Comtronic® we develop fully integrated collection technology that delivers all your debt management, phone system, and client reporting needs in one secure platform. Easily accessible from the cloud, your office is limitless in size and number of locations…and the friendly Comtronic staff provides all service and support.

The Virtual Office Dashboard shows a real-time performance snapshot of users, teams, and the agency as a whole. Managers can quickly see each user’s status, such as logged in and on pace for the day. When combined with CallThru 360, each user’s status is also displayed. Performance towards goals include accounts worked per day, number of promises and amount per day, and payments posted per month. Display on a large screen for staff members and collectors to see their progress, or display on the desktop as a management tool.

Create informative reports to share with staff, management, clients, or investors. Debtmaster offers 60+ built-in reports and a unique ODBC interface for custom reporting with SAP Crystal Reports®, Microsoft Excel®, and other common applications. Track growth, motivate employees, and attract clients with meaningful information, eye-catching graphs, and up-to-date figures.

Whether you’re a small office or a large agency with many call centers, Debtmaster® 360 can help you manage compliance, enhance security, and provide quality service for clients and debtors.

Debtmaster empowers collectors with the best in workflow management, debtor information, payment utilities, reporting tools, documentation, and compliance resources, all available with just a few clicks. Best of all, with the Debtmaster cloud offering, users can access the information anytime, anywhere, with fully integrated applications.

Comtronic has more than 30 years of experience working within the collection industry, incorporating feedback and best practices to create the best collection technology on the market. Debtmaster 360 is an affordable, flexible, compliance-friendly collection management platform that equips collection departments and agencies of any size to be efficient and profitable…. best of all, your upfront investment is minimal since it is Cloud-based and licensed month to month.

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