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Commercial Collections

Leading Commercial Debt Collection Software

Document Capture & Association

Debtmaster includes the ability to associate important scanned images or .PDF documents with each commercial account. Documentation becomes instantly accessible right from the main collector interface.

Document Generation

Debtmaster integrates with Microsoft Word® for easy auto-merging and document creation. Customizable data elements specific to commercial collections can be selected and used for one-off or batch document generation.

Legal Functionality

Debtmaster includes legal functionality and tracking capabilities to help your agency organize and manage commercial accounts throughout your legal processes.

Commercial Debt Collections with the Debtmaster 360 Suite

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The Best Commercial Debt Collection Software

Debtmaster 360 is well equipped to drive your commercial collections processes with intelligence and efficiency. Documentation and the ability to capture research performed along with sophisticated tools to create automation make Debtmaster a top choice for complex business-to-business collection work.

If your processes include legal work or tracking, Debtmaster has you covered there as well. Debtmaster has the ability to recognize multiple responsible parties and the complexities that are typically associated with commercial accounts and commercial collections. The ability to apply judgements, legal interest rates, and the ability to keep track of and document-merge important legal information are all included as standard features.

Commercial Debt Recovery

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Commercial Collection Software FAQ

Commercial collections include the collection or recovery of debt from one business to another, or collected from a person who has business related debt.

Commercial debt is debt that is owed to another business. Commercial debt is often obtained by funding for purchasing new assets, equipment, or expansions. Most businesses do not turn a profit within their first few years of operating and often build up commercial debt.

Commercial debt recovery and collections software gives you control over your business debt collection process. Take charge today and experience everything that DebtMaster can offer you when it comes to simplifying commercial debt collection.

Save Time & Collect More With DebtMaster Commercial Collections Software

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